When Your Mother Is Gone You Will Realize She Was Your One True Friends

We all have a strong relationship with our parents, especially our mother. Although some parents believe that they shouldn’t be best friends with their kids, it’s something that happens regardless. Take a deep look into your soul and you’ll realize – your mother is your best friend. You might not get it now, but time will show you that she’s your one true friend.

As you get older and more mature, you will get closer to your mother. No matter how many quarrels you’ve gotten into and how much you think you hated her for reprimanding you, you will realize that she’s your best friend. You can be open with your mom and tell her things you’ve never told anyone. That’s why losing her will hurt and leave a hole in your soul.

The One True Friend

You can’t call many people in the middle of the night and expect to answer. Your mom is one of those who will answer in seconds. Whatever the reason, she loves you unconditionally and will never screen your calls. You can’t trade that kind of friendship for anything else in the world.

This is why you should cherish the relationship you have with your mom. Embrace it because her time on Earth is shorter than yours. When she’s gone, you might realize what she meant, but it’ll be too late. She’s the person that helped you become what you are today. She saw your struggles and helped you get back up. She inspired you to be a better person. Your mother shared your happiness and sorrows – because she’s the only true friend you have in life.

A mother’s love is unique. She will go through hell to make sure you have a good life. Whenever you’re in trouble, she’ll come running and never ask questions. That’s what true friends do. No matter how bad things get, your mother will always have your back. She will never abandon you and will always stand by your side. Cherish these moments and don’t argue with your mother – she only wants the best for you.

Enjoy the times with your mom while you still have each other. Be close to her and never argue. Even though mothers can bore us to death with their endless questions and suggestions, they only want the best. Look deep inside your soul and you’ll see that she’s your only one true friend.

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