Walmart catches mom of six shoplifting. But her children never expected this from the police officer.

It happens very often for police officers to respond to reports of shoplifting, but what this police officer witnessed was heartbreaking.

A police officer named Stan Whitman was called to a scene where the incident happened. He was ordered to arrest the woman accused of shoplifting. When he arrived at the scene he saw something that broke his heart. The woman was surrounded by her six daughters, all of them were bare foot and crying at the same time.

Instead of arresting the woman, the officer took out his wallet and offered to buy shoes and baby wipes for the kids and the homeless mother who was now a widow trying to help her family out.

The officer didn’t have any second thoughts, he just wanted to do the right thing.

Whitman was an officer who was constantly receiving calls from the same supermarket. He was often hearing about thieves trying to steal jewelry, electronics or even money. But this time it was not the same thing. This time it was different.

He will always remember the frightened look in the children’s eyes, since they thought he’s going to take their mother to jail.

The officer asked the mother if she had the money to pay for the things she was holding. She told him she doesn’t while trying to avoid an eye contact with him. She started crying and tried to hide the tears from the children.

It was his duty to write the mother a citation for shoplifting, but he always knew what a police officer should always do. He was supposed to help people in need. Whitman couldn’t just walk away, so he paid for their shoes, wipers and diapers.

The news spread very quickly. Everyone was talking about it, even the media. Listeners to the local radio stations decided to give funds to provide a support to the family. The police officer became a local hero, and everyone continued following his footsteps.

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