This Woman Was The Target From Practical Jokes From Her Coworkers

Hillary worked in Walmart. She was a middle-aged laidback woman, she dressed poorly in an old, dirty and worn out clothes. There were several coworkers who told that it would be very interesting to make fun of her. One of the coworkers suggested to the others to damage her ripped shoe even more. While the lunch break, they took a knife from the office kitchen, and cut her shoe. After the lunch all the workers went to their workplaces.

Hillary went to the warehouse to do her job. While walking her shoe fall apparat and she was left to walk barefoot. Of course, many of the coworkers saw the “funny” accident and laughed at her because she was unable to walk anymore. The store manager saw the incident on the video cameras installed in his office and immediately came down in the warehouse.
“It is not nice to laugh to Hillary. I have to tell you a story about two workers at my previous job.”

He told them the story about Mary and Stacey, two inseparable friends and coworkers. They worked together in a car factory. Wherever was Mary there was Stacey as well. They were working in the marketing department, but they were devoted housewives. Both were hard workers, but they were working a lot at home and they were very skilled in making pastries and cakes for their children and spouses.

In their company Lucy was the most introvert of all. She never attended any event of the company and always sat by herself on the lunchbreaks. While everyone was using the lunchbreak to chat and hang out Lucy was sitting by herself and eating. Barely speaking. She was the quietest person everyone has ever met.

It was a June and Mary and Stacey were having wedding to their children in the same day. This was very odd coincidence, and some said that maybe it was intentional and arranged by Mary and Stacy since they were very close friends. For the wedding they saw an opportunity to show their amazing skills at making pastry and all kinds of other homemade food. Both of them made a little more food than they really needed. They’ve made the tastiest pastries, cakes, meatballs and waffles.

The wedding guests loved it, but it was impossible to eat everything that Mary and Stacey prepared. A lot from this amazing food they brought at work. They gave everyone’s a small package of food, but they gave Lucy a nicely wrapped huge box.
When Lucy saw the package, her face became happier and her eyes sparkled. Most of the coworkers did not know what was in the Lucy’s huge box. Lucy unwrapped the box and looked inside. Her hands were shaking, and the eyes were full of tears. Then she spoke.
“You all think that I don’t want to have a lunch with you. But maybe you don’t know that I have a disabled husband and two children at home.

Most of my time at home I am taking care of my sick husband. And sometimes we don’t have enough food for my children. Sometimes at the lunchbreak I don’t eat anything and sometimes there is nothing in my homemade sandwich. It’s just plain bread. That is why

I eat by myself. There are nights where I must stay awake all night and take care of my husband. And I’m very tired to speak and hang out at work, or even after work. I’m very grateful for this gift that Mary and Stacy gave to me. My children will have enough food for more than two weeks, and I could take a break from making lunch at home at least.”

Never judge someone without knowing the whole story. You may think you understand but you don’t. There is a story behind every person. There’s a reason why they are the way they are. Think about that before you judge someone.

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