This Woman Had Paid For Her Gas, But The Gas Station Assistant Insisted She Came Back Inside

A few nights ago, Hillary left her home around 10pm. She was planning to stay at home that night, but her daughter Emma had a fever and she urgently had to find a pharmacy to buy her medicines. On the way to the pharmacy she noticed that the tank was almost empty and was forced to stop at the nearest gas station.

The gas station was so old and deserted and it seemed that Hillary was probably the first customer of the day. But she had no choice. She stopped the car and came out to fill her tank.

It was so dark and quiet, but she tried to ignore it. The speakers outside played some music that were making an atmosphere like in a horror movie. After filling the tank, Hillary headed inside to the cash register to pay. All the time while she was at the gas station she was feeling weird. She assumed it was since the place seemed a bit deserted and forgotten by the people.

As soon as she paid, she headed for the exit of the market. When she was out, she heard the attendant’s on the loudspeaker. She urged Hillary to come back because there was a problem with the transaction.

Hillary was surprised because she received a message on her phone that the transaction was successful. She came back in and showed the attendant the message and prepared to go back to her car. But once again the attendant stopped her saying, “Madam you have to pay otherwise you will be in trouble.”

At this point Hilary was very frightened and upset. She was so confused so she asked the attendant, “Why do you think I’m going to get in trouble? Is this a threat? Are you threatening me?”
The attendant advised her to calm down and to listen to her carefully:

“Madam, as you were filling the tank, with your back you were turned towards the forest. One man was continiously staring at you, but I couldn’t do anything without a proof. When you headed to the market, the same man ran and got into your car on the back seat. He is currently inside and please do not turn around so we won’t get caught. I called the police the moment I saw him getting into your car. They are on their way. “

Hillary’s blood froze and she remained speechless. She decided to stay inside until the police arrived.
In less than 5 minutes, the police arrived and intervened immediately.
The man, about 40 years old, was taken out of Hillary’s car and taken to the police station.

In tomorrow’s news, she heard that the police in the town where she lived found 11 kidnapped women. Following their statements, it turned out that each of them had been struck by a stranger while they were at the market or at a gas station.

She knew one thing – that she’ll forever be grateful to the attendant for her quick and cunning reaction.

Please pass this story on to other women and be extra careful going to and from your car at night. If it’s possible, don’t go alone! Always lock your car doors even you are out for just one second!

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