The top 12 secret things men love about women

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I bet, women at some point in her life, thought about this question in her life, what men think of them? or particularly about a woman, or what are the things towards which men are attracted the most in women?

Most women think it might be their looks, the perfect look with perfect features that attract men towards them, but of course, there is much more than looks!

There are many factors that draw a man’s attention towards women and make him fall in love with her.

1. Adorable Smile

A woman with a beautiful and adorable smile, can become noticeable for men, a smile is probably a gesture of positivity towards anyone, many women have a bright smile with glittery eyes tends to be more attractive towards men, and an energetic smile that refreshes the mood is everything for a man to easily fall for a woman.

2. Cooking Skills

Cooking is the gateway to win a man’s heart, and there is probably no doubt in it. Men are more attracted to women’s good at cooking skills after the looks. Obviously, men can’t compromise on their appetites!

3. Men Love Confident Women

Men adore women who are confident. Most men tend to fall in love with women who are fearless and outspoken, who are not afraid to show the world for who they really are. The bold attitude of a woman works like a magnet to catch many men’s attraction. So, if you want to make a man addicted to you, just be yourself!

4. Long Messy Hair

Women with long hair tend to be more attractive to men, but it’s not just about long hair, but a good hair length with some attractive hair texture plays an important role. Long and messy hair, sounds a bit creepy but, trust me, men are more attracted to random hairstyles than long hour hairdo. So, keep it simple and attractive!

5. Motherly Love

When a man feels helpless, he seeks a shoulder to cry on. After his mother, he hardly finds the right shoulder to throw away his heavy heart burden. Be a woman who can nurture him and dedicate him to the peace which he finds in his mother’s lap.

6. Kindness

Only a woman with a kind heart can be empathetic and surely support a man whenever needed. Being kind is beautiful to anyone, so why not to the men.

7. Red Lips

The red color is a symbol of love and energy. Women who wear red lipstick seem to be more energetic and attractive towards men, as it also represents the sign of romanticism in your personality, and of course, every man likes the factors that led them towards the way of love and affection.

8. A Good Sense Of Humor

Women who possessed the characteristic of good sense are really adorable in men’s eyes. Men literally appreciate the women who are beauty with brains. So, keep an intellectual sense and avoid silly things.

9. Women who avoid mind games

When it comes to winning a man’s heart, women often use the tricks to play mind games like ignoring men on purpose and constantly pretending they’re not interested, men will fall for them, perhaps this trick will work but not for so long.

10. Men Adore Women Who Are Good At Cuddles

Sometimes being on bed with a partner is not everything a man seeks in a woman, cute cuddles on the couch with some Netflix is everything a man wishes with his woman when he’s extremely tired.

11. Women Who Are Open Minded

Men adore women who see new challenges in life, and who are willing to try new things and experiences. This is probably the topmost secret men love about women.

12. Men Adore Women Who Make Efforts

Men tend to fall in love with women who are afraid of losing them and can make efforts for them. These little efforts will bound him to you and make you adorable in his heart and eyes.

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