Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Waste Time With Assholes

Many people value dating. It has its own advantages and people often have a lot of fun. But, there are also people who don’t see it like that and think that they’re only wasting their time with dates. All of you have probably had relationships which failed because of some silly reasons. So, you just start asking yourself: do I need this to take place in my life?

No one likes a partner who is disrespecting, tries to change everything that you stand for and lies to you most of the time.

This is a text for all the strong women out there who feel like they’d like being alone more than having someone that won’t value them as they are!

There are men that you find very attractive and you just feel like you can’t say “No” to him. Giving him another shot is probably what you do all the time, but think about this: this kind of a man that cheats on you and lies all the time will never do anything to change that. It’s just who he is. He’s made those choices with a clear consciousness. Who needs a person like this in their life? I certainly wouldn’t even want him to be my friend! I

Try to focus on doing what you love instead of obsessing yourself about a person like that. Stay at home for the night, enjoy a weekend on your own, do whatever makes you happy.

Stop looking for a man you think is the most perfect for you, because that’s not actually what’s the most important. People who are alone don’t feel lonely and why is that so? Because you can also feel lonely while you are with a bunch of people, while people who are alone know what freedom looks like! It’s a kind of feeling which makes them feel and sense liberty as it really is!

You don’t want a guy who’s only cute and handsome! You need a proper partner. You need to learn how to feel perfect even when you’re on your own until the right man turns up.

Do what you always wanted to do! Take a course or go traveling! Feel the freedom of being on your own in any way!

Remember: everyone looks nice in the beginning, but after a while, they show their real face. Just remember that you don’t need anyone to stop you doing what you like and feel free. Avoid his sweet words as well as his sad eyes. Just don’t forget how he behaved with you or what is the thing he did that hurt you the most. You’re not the person he will fool all the time! You can be better for anyone that comes next even if it means that you have to wait for months or years! Don’t be afraid!

You can be happy on your own, too! You just have to experience it in order to see it and believe it.

You’re an independent women who is strong enough to do anything she can! You only live once. Not even a second should be wasted. Remember that a person who has failed you doesn’t deserve the kind of a woman you are. You don’t need anyone like that.

You just have to value yourself and love yourself as much as you can, because if you don’t, no one will appreciate you.

Nowadays, the world needs people like you who know how to live their life. We all need to be loved, but it can wait until the right time arrives. Until then, enjoy your own company and learn how to love and appreciate being on your own. Feel the freedom!

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