Princess Diana once stopped at a cemetery to comfort a woman crying at her dead son’s grave


She may be gone, but her humbleness and legacy will remain forever.

The very well-known and celebrated Princess of Wales still inspires the world even though she lost her life over 20 years ago. Until this day we hear stories of her inspiring kindness and uniqueness and these stories remind us why she came to be known as “The People’s Princess”.

Diana always knew that no land was too far and there was no boundary too great to be crossed in the name of helping the ones in need.

This has happened only couple of weeks before her death on August 31, 1997. She went in Bosnia on a humanitarian trip since she wanted to raise people’s awareness concerning landmines.

Princess Diana was accompanied by Ken Rutherford and Jerry White on her last trip.

Rutherford and White shared their stories from their time with Diana in Bosnia. White’s story stands out the most, which concerns an unplanned tour to the Sarajevo War Cemetery back in August 1997.

Jerry White explained: “The image of Diana in a cemetery in Sarajevo will haunt me my entire life. That exact trip wasn’t even planned, it was never on the list.  Back then she asked me if there was cemetery nearby. I could sense she wanted to visit one. She even added ‘Jerry I find it strange, why I keep having this image in my head of me in a cemetery?’ I obviously found It strange too. That is why we drove to the massive graveyard for those killed during the war. I just stood there as I was watching her. She was taking her place among hundreds and hundreds of tombstones. She was walking in between them peacefully. It gives me chills, now that I remember. “

“She then saw a Bosnian mother tending to the grave of her son. She was grieving. Princess Diana didn’t know Bosnian, and this mother didn’t know English. They didn’t have to. They just embraced and it looked so emotional from where I stood. So physical and so emotional, mother-to-mother.”

White added: “I have a photograph of Diana framed on the wall in my home. It was her, reaching out and wiping the heartbroken mother’s tears.”

“And even after her death in Paris, I kept on wondering. I kept asking myself whether the Princess Diana intuited her own death and her burial. I will never know if Diana sensed her death.”

This sounds like the Princess Diana we all remember.



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