New Moon in Healing Pisces

On February 23rd there will be a mystical New Moon in dreamy, enchanting Pisces.

Pisces is possibly the most spiritual of all signs and this lunar energy will bring spiritual awakening and major soul growth.

Regardless of zodiac sign, we will all be impacted by this New Moon, however those born with the moon or sun in Pisces will be most influenced, along with Scorpio and Cancer, the two other water signs.

This moon’s calm and serene essence is much welcomed following the recent chaotic and disruptive cosmic energy we have been experiencing.

Pisces is a mutable sign, meaning it’s the 12th and final sign of the zodiac. It represents unity, the completion of a cycle, releasing old energy and letting go of the past, so we are prepared to move foward into the next chapter, without dragging heavy baggage.

Pisces is highly intuitive and notorious for bringing anything hidden directly to our conscious awareness, and for helping us see the difference between illusion, delusion and reality.

During this moon phase we will be receiving regular downloads of information and profound insights that provide answers to things we have long pondered over – particularly involving our closes relationships.

Pisces exposes our empathetic side and highlights our instinctive ability to tap into other people’s thought processes, emotions and feelings, especially with those who are empaths and hypersensitive to energy.

While the moon is in Pisces our emotions will be magnified, as we absorb the happiness, pain or anxieties of the people around us, as well as experiencing our own emotions at extremely heightened levels.

This means we will either feel much closer to those around us or repelled by their energy, due to the intense vibrations radiating from them. It is important to remember to put up boundaries to protect our energy if we are around people who could cause emotional harm.

We will notice we are sensing every nuance in the vibrations around us and we will be absorbing the thoughts and feelings from people near and far. This may cause temporary moments of turbulence as we figure out which emotions belong to us and which belong to other people.

This lunar energy enhances our ability to intimately connect with others through telepathic connection, which gives us deeper insight into our relationships and strengthens the bonds we have with those we are closest to. It also helps us become aware of the heavy emotional energy we are carrying – that actually belongs to our friends, lovers or relatives – and to know it is finally time to off-load it and stop feeling responsible for how other people feel.

Many of us may have felt stuck in certain areas, but things are about to drastically change, as old energy clears and we suddenly feel revitalised, motivated and emotionally and mentally alert. As this energy strengthens we will feel regenerated and recharged, and as Pisces is the sign of dreams and imagination, nothing will be able to stop us from plunging forward and manifesting the exact life we’ve been dreaming of.

As Pisces is mystical and strongly associated with the dreamworld, it is highly likely we will be fantasizing and daydreaming more than normal. With our imaginations heightened, we may also experience realistic and prophetic dreams or possibly even nightmares that will be difficult to shake and forget.

For some, life may feel spacey and surreal under Pisces’ dreamlike spell, and as we float off to the ethereal world and imagine a limitless existence outside our current dimension, it may be difficult to remain grounded.

Cosmic energy is supportive and offers divine guidance, therefore, it is important to remain consciously aware and pay attention to all signs, synchronicities and opportunities that come along so we are prepared to move fast as the moon magnetically pushes us in a new direction.

Pisces is the sign of surrender and release and helps us resist the desire to control and manipulate events and instead compels us to breathe deeply with faith that the universe is safely nurturing, guiding and protecting us. The Pisces Moon signifies the need to let go of old trauma so that painful wounds can finally be soothed and healed and we can focus on creating new, healthy loving experiences.

Pisces radiates immense healing energy that helps us cleanse the past and send forgiveness (both to ourselves and others), so we can move forward lighter, freer and vibrating on a far higher frequency.

Otherworldly Pisces radiates a potent feminine, highly sensitive divine energy that reminds us to take time out to reconnect with our inner selves and to meditate, rest and relax.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to make the most of Pisces’ compassionate healing vibe by taking time out in nature, going for a barefoot walk along a beach or sitting out under the stars with a kindred soul.

It is vital to remain hydrated during a Pisces full moon by drinking plenty of filtered water and also soaking in a bath with Epsom or Pink Himalayan salt added to it. It will also be of benefit to spend time near water if possible, so visiting a lake, river, or the ocean is highly recommend.

It’s important to be aware that the moon charges water so our emotions may become far more enhanced when we are near it, which also provides the perfect conditions for a major moon detox, as water helps purge stagnant emotional energy from our system.

During the Pisces New Moon you may notice the following:

Disrupted sleep, insomnia, waking between the hours of 2:00 to 5:00 a.m.
Vivid and intense prophetic dreams and nightmares.
Feeling impatient, easily triggered, and argumentative.
Ear ringing & a vibratory sensation throughout the physical body.
Enhanced perception, intuition, and having premonitions.
High intuition, sudden insights, heightened awareness, enhanced compassion and empathy, breakthroughs, seeing things with clarity, and receiving answers or resolutions to ongoing issues. We might “know” things without logical explanation and find it difficult to explain the source of our information.

Dramatically increased or decreased energy levels.
Chronic fatigue and being around other people feels draining.
Preferring to spend time alone.
Awakening to past mistakes and no longer allowing ourselves to repeat them.
Releasing, healing, surrendering & letting go of the past.
Noticing synchronicities—for instance, certain number patterns reappearing.

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