Meet Wiley, The Cutest Dalmatian Dog With A Heart On His Nose


We believe that everyone who saw a picture of Wiley the Dalmatian immediately fell in love with him. This adorable puppy has a heart-shaped mark on his little nose.

Wiley is 1-year old doggy and has over 120k Instagram followers. His human guardian, the 26-year old Lexi Smith is claiming that all those pictures all over the Internet cannot fully capture his entire cuteness and uniqueness.

Lexi says that her best friend is 54 pounds of clumsy, cuddly, curious and goofy love.

Lexi lives in Colorado with her family and Wiley was brought to their home on Saint Patrick’s Day in 2018. She said that choosing him out was one of the most difficult choices she ever had to make.

The heart on Wiley’s nose was there from the beginning but wasn’t completely formed.

What made her choose him was the moment when she noticed that all he did was snuggle, sleep and eat. That’s why she thought they had a lot in common.



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