Man Gives Best Birthday Present To Cheating Wife

Michael and his wife were married for almost 10 years. Everything was going well, until few months ago when she started to act strange and spaced out.

Michael was almost sure she was cheating as she set off a lot of red flags. While he was on the sofa watching TV, she was always looking down at her phone, smiling when texting like a teen girl. Whenever he’d ask her what was so funny, she would answer, “Oh you know my mom, she is just being silly as always.”

At first, he completely ignored her change in behavior, but it started to be a little more unusual than before. For some reason she started staying late night at work. When Michael would call her at work, her co-workers would say that she left an hour ago. Or maybe even hours ago. When he would ask her where she was, she’d laugh it off and say it was just a prank they did to each other at the office.

The last straw to where Michael knew something was up was when she went out at 23:00 to “buy some ice cream”. She came back home two hours later with no grocery bags. When he asked her about the ice cream, she panicked and said she was Pmsing and she needed to eat it right away.

Michael will forever say that there are no words of wisdom. If someone is suspecting that their significant other is taking another turn, you should do something about it and make sure if its true. That is the main reason why he decided to hire a private investigator. He also wanted to get some evidence that could really help with and during the divorce. So, he set up a plan. His wife’s birthday was in two and a half months, so he was about to plan the greatest gift ever. The gift of knowing the truth.

Michael was patient enough to let the weeks and months pass by since he needed to collect as much evidence as he could to hand it off to his lawyer as well as plan to find a new place to live. He wanted this to happen on her birthday since ruining that day for her is the least he could do. But he knew it would be enough for him just to ruin that one day for her.

When he asked her what she wanted to do on her birthday this year she insisted on him to go out of town with his friends, since she didn’t want to be reminded of how old she was getting.
So, Michael immediately knew something was up. Few days later he found a bottle of champagne and two glasses in the kitchen cabinet. He knew it wasn’t for him since he never liked champagne, so he snapped. He left his house and went to his friend’s apartment pretending like he was going out of town for a couple of days.
While he was there, he called his family and his wife’s mother, father, several friends and her brother. He told them he wanted to give her a big surprise for her birthday, by sneaking into the bedroom while she was asleep. “Don’t bother everyone, I will take care of everything. I know a friend who makes the tastiest cakes.” – he advised them all.

It seemed like it was going to be very fun, since everyone was so excited.
It was 09:00 in the morning and both families met each other in front of the house. Michael gave the cake to his wife’s mother and told her, “I would appreciate it if you give the cake to her.” She nodded while she was not trying to hide how excited she was. Before they entered the house, Michael reminded everyone to be as quiet as they could be.

He put the key in and unlocked the door. They were 14 people in total and they all sneaked in making their way down the hall towards the bedroom. Every one of them was holding a kazoo and the Mom was carrying the cake. When they got to the bedroom doom, Michael whispered “Don’t forget to yell Surprise!”

Michael opened the door and the first thing everyone saw was his butt naked wife. Her mother dropped the cake and her brother, and her father started yelling at her. Michael pretended he was surprised and horrified, but he knew this would happen. He planned this to happen. Her friends tried to push everyone out of the bedroom while yelling at her. It was a complete chaos.

Michael’s now ex-wife started sobbing and screaming and shouting, “I am really sorry!” while her poor lover was desperately trying to put his pants on.

That was one of the best birthday gifts that Michael ever gave. His silence was not his weakness, but the beginning of his revenge. “Revenge” sounds so mean that’s why he likes to call it “Returning the favor.”

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