If You’re with a Strong Woman Know That She Will Never Beg, when She Says Goodbye it’s Forever


If you are dating a strong woman and she feels unloved and unwanted, know that she will say goodbye and she will never look back. She won’t give it a second thought, she’ll just leave and never beg.

A strong woman will love you under any circumstances, she can forgive and forget, but if you make her feel unloved, she will let go of you in a heartbeat.

Let’s make something clear, it’s not that she will not suffer. She will feel the pain just like any other woman out there, but the way she takes care of herself in such situation is completely different.

Her behavior and attitude will become different when she’ll sense she’s unwanted. She will calmly agree to end things up with you.

That is when you start missing her. You thought that she will spill her heart out. But she won’t. Even though she may be sad, even though she believed in your relationship, she will never let you make her feel not special. Or hard to love.

She feels things too. But she will lift herself up very quickly and she will accept the end of your story with pride.

Will she ever be sad somewhere along her journey?

Yes, at some point she will. She may run into you unexpectedly and all the memories will come back. She may even doubt her decision. But then again, it will be just for a moment. A moment that will come to an end. It will all fade away.

One thing stays for sure, she will never beg you, never in a thousand years.

She will focus on her future, her success and her happiness. She will accept the challenges that life throws at her with grace. She will be much stronger and braver since she left you even though she loved you.

She will grow from that experience, an experience that will make her a better version of herself.

If you are dating a strong woman, please know that if you make her feel unloved, unwanted or unappreciated, she will walk away from your life in a second and there’s nothing you can do about it.

That is why you should celebrate every moment with her. And make her feel special, as she really is.

Source: https://optimalpositivity.com/


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