I Have Two Children And I’m Sterile

My name is John, and this is my story.

I have a perfect marriage and two beautiful girls. Clara is 9 years old and Emma is 7. My wife and I got married 10 years ago and we still live perfectly to this day. I am a taxi driver, she is a nurse and we live in New York.

Everything was perfect as a fairy tale until one day happened the worst thing a father could imagine. One night while on a night shift, I was parked in front of a building and I was waiting for a call from the dispatcher. At one point a woman came running out of the building, screaming and begging me to take her to the nearest hospital. While she was getting inside the car,

I noticed she was around 8th or 9th month pregnant. When we went upstairs, the nurse asked me to leave a note with my name, phone number and home address – I did so and left. A few days later I received a letter telling me to call back the same hospital. When I went there, I was greeted by a doctor. He started asking me questions like where I knew the woman from, how did we both meet etc.

I told him the truth and he informed me that the woman, while giving birth, experienced some complications with her blood pressure and as a result, she remained disabled. Since they couldn’t find the child’s father, they called me to ask me if I was him. That made me very angry and I started arguing with the doctor trying to explain that I had nothing to do with that woman and that I was ready to do a DNA test to confirm that the child was not mine. My proposal was accepted and after a few weeks I returned to the hospital and did my DNA test.

After the analysis, the doctor called telling me he wanted to see me. When I got there, the doctor took me to his office and told me that I was not the father of the child because I could never be a father since I was sterile. When I heard that, I suddenly lost my hearing and my vision. I remained silent. The only thing I could see in front of me were my two daughters. My two princesses.

Eventually, I found out that my wife was cheating on me with her colleague and that the girls were his. Now I am sitting in the living room with my princesses in my arms, my eyes full of tears thinking to myself… What would you do if you were in my shoes? What would be your next step? For everyone out there, reading this… every advice is welcomed.

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