I Am Pregnant At the Age of 15

Hi, my name is Courtney and this is my story. 

I want to believe that everyone has secrets about themselves. 

I will always remember that moment, when my body froze in shock. It was November 3rd and I was sitting in the living room when it all happened. In one moment everything seemed normal, but in just two minutes, my world collapsed. 

Before I was aware of the whole situation, I was at my father’s place hanging out with my stepbrother. My mom called me and told she was waiting for me outside. I knew something was wrong since she didn’t enter the house. As I went out to the car, I could tell by the expression of her face that she was going to tell me something I didn’t want to hear. “Courtney… your doctor just called me 10 minutes ago.” – she said. “Do you have any idea what he said?” – my mom continued. I lost my breath for a moment since I knew what I was going to hear next. “Courtney, you are pregnant.”

That sentence completely changed my life. Everything around me fell apart. I was 15, I wasn’t supposed to worry about being a mother. I wanted to travel the world first; I wanted to go to college. I didn’t plan my life to go this way. 

In that very moment, Derek, my boyfriend texted me reminding me about the date tonight. He didn’t even have an idea that he was going to be a father. That terrified me even more. Whatever his reaction would be, I knew that he wouldn’t be prepared to be a parent. Neither was I. 

My mother and my doctor were the only two people who knew about my secret. I didn’t tell my dad, I didn’t tell Derek or any of my friends. Days were passing by and my thoughts were completely preoccupied with the life growing inside me. I loved my boyfriend, but I knew he would leave the second he finds out. 

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