His Parents Asked Me To Prove My Virginity On My Wedding Day

Hello everyone, my name is Joanna, I am 19 years old and my biggest mistake was marrying a man that I only knew for 2 weeks. So, please be careful and get to know your boyfriend well before you get married. 

My unfortunate story started around four months ago, when I met this guy on Instagram. He was very kind and affectionate towards me and I was very happy about it. He is not American, and I will try to keep his nationality and identity a secret. Nevertheless, we talked on social media for a couple of days and he asked me out. I decided to meet him even though I wasn’t sure if that was the best decision since I only knew him for a couple of days. We met at a coffee shop in Los Angeles. When I first saw him, I instantly fell in love. He looked like the man of my dreams. I always thought I would marry someone looking exactly like him. We sat there for two hours and we both enjoyed the conversation. He told me he was 22 years old. We talked about every subject that came to our minds and I felt like I knew him my whole life. I remember, we both agreed that we both want to have children at younger age. After a couple of hours, we decided to go home and meet each other again the next day. It was obvious that he liked me the way I liked him. 

Watch video for full story;

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