Female Dragonflies Fake Their Death To Avoid Males


Every person has experienced one of those nights when their partner comes to bed and for some reason they decide to roll on the other side and avoid talking or doing some other stuff.

These species, female dragonflies, take this kind of rejection to a whole new level.  They fake their own death to avoid having any kind of interaction with all the aggressive males out there.

A group of scientists recently caught this behavior on camera. It all happened while observing these species in the Swiss Alps.

The video showed them that the female dragonfly lies on the ground, motionless, until the aggressive male leaves.

When one of the scientists approached the females, they immediately “came back to life” and flew away.

This kind of behavior is called ‘death feigning’. Scientists believe that it has been developed as a survival tactic and coping mechanism since female dragonflies often end up injured while mating.

A group of biologists found out that the fastest and the most powerful male is usually the one who mates.

It turns out that playing death is an effective method, since around 70% of the females successfully deceived their male pursuers.

The female dragonfly even lays their eggs in dense vegetation and avoids areas populated by males.

The ‘death feigning’ method is not always used by the ladies only.

The male wolf spiders will often play dead as well to avoid getting eaten after mating. So next time, when your significant other stresses you out, be happy because you always know whether your date is alive.

Source: https://thewildchild.co.za/


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