Dad Has Daughter Worry About Her Wedding Day

Perhaps a kitchen doesn’t seem like the prettiest place for a Christmas Eve proposal, but it didn’t stop this woman from saying YES as her boyfriend Tom placed a diamond ring on her finger.

But once they announced their engagement to her parents, the temperature in the living room dropped. It wasn’t comfortable. Aftr a long silence, her father asked that he can see she said yes. Tom, caught in a surprise, nodded. The dad, looking at Tom, said that he never gave anything away with a smile.

Once the couple realized that his cold response had nothing to do with Tom, but with her dad being sad at the idea of his youngest daughter leaving, it became even more uncomfortable.

Her mom finally broke the awkward silence with tears of happiness. Over the course of the next few months, Dad oberved the preparations for the wedding, but only from the sidelines.

He had been fitted for his wedding outfit in May, apparently okay with the idea of his youngest leaving. However, after a month, once the wedding party gathered in the kitchen for a late-night snack, her Dad was very quiet while everyone else was having fun.

Proclaiming he couldn’t do it at one moment, everyone got confused. They asked him what was he talking about.

The soon-to-be bride held her breath, afraid that he changed his mind about giving her away at the last moment. After a while, his voice broke the silence. 
“When the minister says. ‘who giveth this woman?’ I think I should say ‘Her mother and I do’.”

With everyone overrun by relief, he was told to say whatever he thought would be right.

Once the wedding day came, everyone was waiting inside an old, gray stone church, her sister singing a song in her honor. Once she finished and the cue of the wedding march started, she took her dad’s arm.

They walked down the aisle, towards her soon-to-be husband step by step. There is a photograph of this moment which shows the bride with a big smile, and her dad without an expression whatsoever. All eyes were on the two of them.

Once they arrived, the pastor began the usual speech. After the pastor asked who gives the bride away, her dad immediately responded.

With a clear voice, he replied saying that her mother does. After that, he placed his daughter’s hand in Tom’s and took his place besides happy wife in the front row.

It was just as he said, he didn’t give her away happily, or for that matter, he didn’t give her away at all!

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