Boost Your Health And Reduce The Stress By Napping More Often

Sleep is really important. A lot of us don’t sleep enough. Napping is really effective to boost the brain, improve the solving of the problems, the verbal memory, object learning, perceptual learning, statistical learning. It will also help with Math, improve the mood, treat the fatigue and help with the logical reasoning.

There are even more benefits. It can

  • lower the blood pressure
  • Improve the health of the heart
  • Assist in weight management.

The National Sleep Foundation puts the naps in three categories:

  1. Planned naps – preparatory naps

You take this nap before you get sleepy. This prevents fatigue and tiredness

  1. Emergency naps – you suddenly feel exhausted

You cannot execute the activities because you are too tired. These naps help you to treat fatigue while you use dangerous and heavy machinery and drowsy driving.

  1. Habitual naps – a nap at the same time every day

Children usually sleep every afternoon at the same time, or some adults also take a nap after lunch.

A study in Greece have discovered that adults (men) who had a nap three times a week are less likely to die from heart diseases by 37 percents compared to other men that did not nap.

A lot of countries have customarily naps. There is the well-known siesta in Spain. UK and USA are not really supportive of naps in the afternoon. The people from these two countries are the ones that suffer from heart attack as the leading cause of death.

The naps improve the mental function and they boost rejuvenation and give a lot of psychological benefits.

In the year 1995, NASA conducted a study and they evaluated the effect of naps on 747 pilots. They were allowed to sleep 40 minutes per day. They had a lot of improvements compared to the group that did not take naps.

In the year 2008, some studies have showed that a nap is better than caffeine to improve the mental functions.

The length of the nap will determine what kind of benefits you will get:

  • Twenty minute nap – This nap enhances your memory, the motor learning skills, mental alertness
  • Twenty to thirty minutes nap- It boosts your memory and creativity
  • Thirty to sixty minutes nap- It enhances the memory and the skills to make a decision
  • Sixty to ninety minute nap- This nap ensures the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) so it is the most beneficial type of nap. Helps you reset the brain, helps you enhance the problem- solving skill.

Napping can give you a lot of benefits, unless you are suffering from some sleeping disorder and napping can hinder your sleep pattern.


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