Blue Macaw Parrot From The Movie ‘Rio’ Is Now Officially Extinct

Do you all remember Blue? The blue macaw from the animated movie Rio who always thought that he was the last one of his species.

Well, at the end, it turned out that he was always right. He always knew something was wrong since the blue macaw parrots were declared endangered about 7 years ago and at this point, they are officially extinct in the wild.

According to a study done by BirdLife International, this kind of bird (also known as the Spix’s macaw) can no longer be seen in the wilderness of Brazil.

A group of scientists found out that this kind of bird can be found only in captivity and the number of how many of them survived is alarming.

According to a scientific research this is a result from the constant deforestation, since these birds are not very adaptive and that makes them even more fragile.

There are rumors that the birds still exist in some breeding programs, but as of right now there is no official proof of this statement.

You won’t believe it but the first statement that the birds might become extinct was brought up back in the 1980! Almost 40 years ago!

Back then were written several books on this topic since the authors were hoping they can raise awareness.

There are several other bird species who have been declared extinct. This was the latest announcement, based on a statistical analysis by BirdLife International. Five of these same exact species belong to South America and they are victims of deforestation and too much human interference too!

Everyone needs to know that, three other species (the cryptic tree hunter, the Alagoas foliage and the Poo-Uli) are completely gone from our planet Earth. And they are gone forever.

Other important thing that we need to know is that all these extinctions are caused by human interference, and not by any natural cause. And that is the saddest thing.

How many more extinctions will it take for human species to finally learn to respect the privacy of every animal on this planet Earth?


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