A single father was playing with his daughter outside his apartment. But then his neighbor falsely accused him of this.

Christopher is a single father raising his daughter. He has girlfriend, but they don’t live together. Christopher’s daughter, Charlotte, it’s not used to call her mommy. In fact, she never called anyone “mommy”, since Christopher had custody of her since she was only two months old. Charlotte is 6 now.

They had a decent life and shared a strong bond, since they were really close to each other. Few days ago, Charlotte was playing around with her new bike, Christopher turned his head for a second and she happened to fall from the bike. She quickly stood up, laughed because of her clumsiness and got back on her bike. She was fine, she only bruised her arm.

Several days passed and he and his daughter decided to take their breakfast outside of the apartment. When he was drinking his morning coffee and Charlotte was playing around with her water gun, a woman in her sixties that lived on the first floor walked up about halfway up their steps. She introduced herself and said she had seen them around and just asked, “Where is her mom? I haven’t seen her, I only see you.”

This question took Christopher by surprise since it seemed a little bit impolite and it was none of her business. He just met this woman and didn’t want to discuss such personal things with her, so he answered, “It’s just me and my daughter. Her mother doesn’t live here.”
“Well, when does she go visit her mother? I feel like she is always here.”
“Is there any problem, miss?” – asked Christopher.
“No. I am just being curious since I couldn’t help but notice the bruise on her arm.”
He quickly got up from the chair and advised his daughter to continue playing inside. She went inside and Christopher walked to the top of the stairs to get closer and face the lady.
“Look, you have no right to come up here a accuse me of not taking a proper care of my daughter, or even worse, accuse me of hitting her. I have a sole custody of her, her mother is not in the picture at all and it’s just the two us. I have a girlfriend that comes over, but she is not her mother, and my daughter doesn’t call her mom.”
The woman listened what he had to say and spoke again, “You should not keep your daughter away from her biological mother.”
“The female judge who gave me the custody didn’t think the same. In fact, it is not any of your concern.”- answered Christopher.

They went back and forth several times and it got heated for a minute. It all ended up with the unknown woman yelling as she walked away.
“I am still not sure about the bruise on her arm.” – added the woman.
Christopher became furious, ran down the steps and got in front of the woman. He started screaming at her about how she had no right at all to come at his home at accuse him of such things with no evidence whatsoever. “You have NO right to insinuate such disgusting thing. I love my daughter and I am doing my best for she to have an amazing life! I would never hurt her; do you understand me?”
“What are you going to now? Hit me? Hit a woman? You can not control your rage, that is why you are beating your daughter as well!” – shouted the woman.
It took Christopher, every ounce of self-control not to continue yelling at this woman.
“You are a very evil and pathetic human being.” – said Christopher, then he turned back and entered his apartment. He grabbed his daughter arm and headed to his apartment building main business center. He needed to inform the property manager of what just happened. A younger lady saw Christopher he was entering the office and told him she saw and heard everything. Christopher was still very furious, so he didn’t say anything and went inside the office. The property manager assured him that they will speak to the woman and will try to calm the situation. Few days went by when the property manager called Christopher in to talk. Apparently, he needed to hear the woman’s side of the story.
“I was walking by on my way to the mailbox, and I saw this man with his daughter outside. I noticed the girl was playing with a gun, so I had to do something since I’ve seen he has a veteran and a gun sticker on his car. I knew he would be the type to give a gun to a child. I walked up the stairs to make sure the girl was okay and then I calmly asked where the mother was. Then I noticed the bruise on the daughter arm and when I asked him what happened he started screaming and shouting. I turned to leave because it seemed like he was about to hit me, and he chased me down the stairs screaming how he was going to hurt me. That is when I knew he was beating that poor little girl.”

Christopher couldn’t believe what he just heard. He headed home and while he was walking, he saw the young lady again that lived in the complex. “Maybe I can help you if you let me. I saw and heard everything.” He agreed and they both went back in the manager’s office. When they showed up, police officers were waiting for him in the lobby. It turned out that the woman called the cops and said that he was physically abusing her and his daughter. She said that Christopher even pointed a loaded handgun in her face. And that is when the young lady spoke up telling the cops that was NOT the story. In the end Christopher ended up volunteering to let the officers come into his apartment to look for an evidence.
And of course, they didn’t find anything to back up her story. He didn’t even have a handgun in his apartment. The lady did not go to jail for filing a false police report, but she was warned to step away from Christopher and his daughter. Few days later she threw a plate to the young lady that helped Christopher out, so they evicted her.

That is the worst experience Christopher had due to being a single father.
Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress, and twice the tears. But also, twice the hugs, twice the love, and twice the pride.

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