15 Reasons Men Obsess Over Girls with Big Butts

Have you ever wondered why girls with big butts turn heads and cause even the most decent guys to drool? It’s simple. Big butts are hot and appealing. When you think big butts, think Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea and many more. Let’s admit it. While these women are incredibly talented and good at what they do, a lot of their fans and followers are just in love with their massive butts. 

And it’s not just the celebrities. Regular girls in your everyday life with big butts get drooled over too. As a heterosexual female with a nothing-to-write-home-about butt, I’ve caught myself several times being envious of big-booty girls. However, these feelings are just momentary because I love my little butt and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But seriously, big butts are super-hot, and if you’ve ever wondered why men obsess over it so much, here are 15 solid reasons why 

1. Big butts are super cuddly

Men love it when they snuggle with big booty girls who feel softer and cozier to the touch. While cuddling always feels good no matter who you’re holding, I’ll admit it, I would prefer to cuddle on big, nice, and well-stuffed pillows. Guys often prefer cuddling women with bigger butts since they are the perfect cushion for heavenly comfort.

2. Big butts just look too good

Women are roped in by what they hear, men are done for by what they see. These visual creatures would never miss a chance to ‘admire and appreciate’ nature’s good works on a perfectly rounded butt.  The attraction is often subconscious and they don’t always know they are staring. Of course, her face, boobs, hair, and outfit would also be assessed, but the big behind always takes the trophy.

3. Big butts are like drugs to men.

A study once proved just how butt-wired a man’s brain can be. The researchers showed male volunteers before and after pictures of women who got butt enlargements and monitored their brain responses. The men obviously couldn’t help showing their intoxication at the sight of the enhanced booties. The study proves that the sight of a big butt activates the same part of the brain affected by narcotics and alcohol. 

4. Big butts make a girl more attractive 

Women have lots of features that sweep men off their feet – perky boobs, wild wavy hair, full succulent lips, glowing skin – but the big butt is the champion. Evolutionary scientists once proved in a study that men are not merely attracted to the big butts, but to the spine curvature which makes the butt look much bigger . Well, aside from being attractive, a good spine curvature helps a woman’s posture during pregnancy.

5. They look great in jeans

Jeans often compact a woman’s butt and make it look less… in there. However, women with big butts get just the perfect curve enhancer they need when they put on jeans. There’s no denying how amazing the right pair of jeans can make your butt look.

6. The men get attention from it too

Guys like to show off what’s theirs and they feel really good being seen with girls with big butts. I mean, big-butt girls are often considered top catches and guys are proud to show these ladies off. When you walk into a bar or a restaurant with your girl, her ample derriere puts all eyes on her – and inevitably you.

7. Ladies with big butts have a more graceful walk

A big butt is like a load on her back to gently slow down her walk, which is just like placing a book on her head. She walks more gracefully and enticingly, although anybody can move gracefully after taking catwalk lessons. However, girls with big butts can move like that on default.

8. Girls with big behinds are considered more fertile

 A 2010 study from the University of Oxford reports that women with bigger butts are more fertile due to a high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids . They are also thought to give birth to smarter kids because these fatty compounds are responsible for the development of a baby’s brain.

This could be the evolutionary reason why men often gravitate mindlessly to ladies with big butts. They are subconsciously thinking about procreation and the future of their children.

9. The forbidden fruit is pure pleasure

Girls with big butts are often considered high catches, so they would usually be the objects of a guy’s most decadent fantasies. And when he finally lands himself a big-booty girl, you can’t expect him not to obsess over her.

10. Big butts feel good to the touch

Grabbing a nice, perfectly-rounded butt would feel pretty better than clutching a bony one, don’t you think? Guys love big butts because they are amazing to touch. They feel squishy, plump and succulent, and a great place for digging one’s hands in. 

11. It makes her stomach look flatter

A big butt would often accentuate everything about a girl’s body – her hips, her legs, and ultimately her belly. Her belly would look flatter and smaller if she had a rounded booty. A girl with a big butt would not have to suck in her belly or wear corsets to make it look smaller. It just fits right in with her butt in the right proportion.

12. They make a girl seem more confident 

It’s rare to see a shy girl with a big butt. Big butts make a woman feel as though they are the center of the world, and you can’t blame her. She’ll walk with a slight swing, head held high and she can hold her ground with anybody. A big butt is the ultimate confidence booster, and most people do not mind having it ‘in their way’.

13. A big butt is extremely feminine

 A big butt is one of the things that distinguishes a man from a woman. While boobs, facial structure, voice, and overall body build are top points, a big butt is a stronghold of femininity. Men, especially alpha males, are often more attracted to girls with bigger butts because those behinds stoke their inner masculinity. She’s going to be the perfect yin to his male yang with all that womanliness.

14. You dance better with a big butt

Even if she’s got two left feet and can’t seem to get her body to swing right, a girl with a big butt would often appear to dance more enticingly than one with a smaller booty. This is because all eyes are going to be focused on your hip area as it waves through the air, so whether you’re getting it right or not, you’re still going to dance great.

And let’s face it: Twerking and whining are more sensual when the butt is fleshier.

15. Big butts are just in vogue

Almost everybody loves a big booty and they are the happening thing right now. It’s no wonder the plastic surgery industry is enjoying a big boom in recent times. Lots of ladies are no longer obsessing about being slim – everyone now wants to put on some weight to hopefully get a bigger butt. 

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what size your butt is. If someone truly loves you, he certainly wouldn’t be lusting after your butt (although it’s a plus) or complaining about the size. You better love every inch of that body because you’re absolutely perfect!

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